TASK Project

It is known that many people after anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction (ACLR) cease guided rehabilitation with a physiotherapist within 6 to 12 months, despite the high prevalence of ongoing symptoms and functional deficits. 

Study aims: the primary aims of this pilot randomised controlled trial were to:

i) determine the feasibility of a physiotherapist-guided lower-limb focussed intervention for individuals with persistent symptoms 1-year post-ACLR

ii) estimate the effects of this intervention, including comparison with a trunk-focussed intervention on knee-related QoL.  

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Funding: Australian Physiotherapy Association Physiotherapy Research Foundation, Beryl Haines Memorial Grant, and The La Trobe University Social Research Platform.

Acknowledgements: We thank BodySystem clinic (Hobart) and Complete Sports Care (Hawthorn) for providing clinic locations and treating physiotherapists. We thank Mr Dirk Van Bavel, Mr Justin Wong, Mr Ben Campbell, Mr Nigel Hartnett, and Mr Paul Einoder for assisting recruitment into the project.

Staff involved: Brooke Patterson, Adam Culvenor, Kay Crossley, Christian Barton, Randall Cooper.

Statement of Intent

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